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Open workshop for all, there are no prerequisites.

Studio organic flow

rua Almeida e Sousa 3-3 (Campo de Ourique)

Saturday 11th March: 14:00-18:00 Sunday 12th March: 9:00-16:00

I am often asked at the end of a shiatsu session: what can I do myself to continue the shiatsu work? To answer this request, I thought of this workshop. I propose to learn the basics of shiatsu and do-in. This workshop offers tools to improve self-knowledge.

You will learn:

  • to use do-in techniques,

  • to feel KI (vital energy),

  • to be more focused and centered in the present.

What is DO-IN ?

DO : : means to open up passages to promote the circulation of vital ki.

IN : means to move and stretch out one's joints for this purpose.

Do-in is a self-healing technique that aims to open passages of energy along the meridians and stimulate acupuncture points. Exercises of Do-in are used to restore the flow of vital ki in the body, including breathing techniques that calm the mind, stretching of the meridians, as well as movements such as percussion, pressure or friction. Do-in is the continuation of the work of Shiatsu. Do-in exercises are simple and easily accessible. They can be easily integrated into our daily lives and help us to balance our sedentary lives.

A series is designed by stretches that can be done at work.

These are the stretches that I practice daily.

What is family shiatsu?

In family shiatsu, it is about learning the basics to be able to relieve your familiars from simple ailments: helping adults manage fatigue, pain, helping one's child/adolescent to fall asleep, to calm down. Learning to touch another brings another dimension to self-work, humility and communication. Exploring ki in a benevolent and secure framework. The other has the same quality of energy as you. Thus, through exchange and communication between you, you will be able to learn to feel your ki, that of the other and help each other.

Workshop led by Alice Rigot, certified shiatsu practitioner from the Iokai Shiatsu Academy Europe in 2006.

Price: 150€ for the weekend.

Possibility of paying in three installments.

Registrations: (before March 1st)

Feel free to ask me for more information.

For Sunday lunch and according to Japanese tradition, for a simple and friendly meal, I propose a base of rice and everyone will bring a side dish to share (small vegetables, sauce...)

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