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where in Lisbon?

Rua Almeida e Sousa 11, R/C

1250-061 Lisboa

Campo de Ourique

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shiatsu awakens your life energy

Shiatsu is a Japanese term that means "finger pressure."

It involves the use of fingers to apply pressure to specific points, similar to those used in acupuncture. These points allow for communication with our deep tissues and organs. While shiatsu is Japanese in origin, it is based on the principles of Chinese medicine.

Shiatsu has both curative and preventative effects.


Curatively, it treats all types of pain and ailments that cannot always be explained by visible physical abnormalities. These include neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, tendinitis, stomach pain, digestive issues, sleep problems, menstrual problems, stress and anxiety, which are commonly seen in patients. Shiatsu is also highly effective in supporting and accompanying a pregnancy and preparing for childbirth.


Preventatively, shiatsu opens up the energy pathways in our body, allowing for better breathing and preventing energy and tension from becoming crystallized. This prevents diseases from taking root in our body.


Shiatsu also has a relaxing effect, allowing for a deep relaxation that also affects our emotional and mental state, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping us approach life with more motivation and vitality, making it easier to solve problems.

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Seiki Shiatsu treatment can be helpful in treating a wide range of conditions. These include:

1- Fatigue, lack of energy, stress

2- All pains 3- Difficult emotional state

4- Back pain

5- Skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, allergies)

6- Menstrual cramps

7- Shoulder problems (capsulitis, frozen shoulder...)

8- Sleep problems

9- Motor problems (knees, hips...)

10- No problem, just want to relax...

Shiatsu will help and support you in your desire to improve. It allows to understand the origin of our problems and, by releasing our KI, gives us the possibility to get rid of them in a natural way without side effects!

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Healing process

Healing process

If you observe a child who falls and hurts himself, you will see that he will take refuge in the arms of his mother or father or the person who takes care of him, cry a lot, very loudly then return to his games, as if nothing had happened. At this stage, the child is still in touch with his Seiki energy, no deep tension blocks the flow and the fact of receiving the security of the arms of a caring person, his Seiki energy flows where it should and child heals himself.

Traumas arise when physical and emotional shocks have not been received and the child has not been able to self-heal, tension is then formed.

Later, other shocks, other tensions will accumulate and the adult moves further and further away from his power of self-healing and it becomes more and more difficult to feel this energy circulating within him. so much so that it is hampered by the tensions which create chronic pain and later illnesses.

Seiki pressure allows us to awaken this energy within us which is dormant but which we all have since it is the life within us.
Over the course of the sessions, tensions dissolve and fade, traumas are released. The number of sessions needed is different for everyone. We are all unique, we are not robots so everyone has their own rhythm and according to everyone a lot of personal parameters evolve towards their own healing.

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your therapist

Alice Rigot

born in 1973 in Tours, I studied in Poitiers, at the University of Futuroscope in Image, language and communication then in Paris. In 1996 I started practicing Zen meditation and as I don't do anything by halves I left my country and abandoned my studies to follow a master in Seville and then in Lisbon in order to participate in the creation of the Lisbon Zen dojo.
It was during these years that I discovered shiatsu of Japanese origin like Zen.
However, quite early on I had the intuition that I had to heal with my hands, an intuition which was confirmed to me several times by different people. Shiatsu attracted me by the challenge that awakening my sense of touch represented for me, feeling the energy circulating in the meridians was something I dreamed of achieving.
So I studied with Funada sensei in Lisbon from the Namikoshi school, then with Sasaki Sensei in Paris from the Iokai school from the iokai school from which I obtained certification in 2006 after 5 years of study of the meridians, the iokai approach to shiatsu and the ancient founding texts of Chinese medicine.

My job can be separated from my life, that's why shiatsu suits me, I don't consider it a job because it forces me to explore myself as a human being, it is impossible for me to treat if I myself am not in good physical and mental health. Developing one's own consciousness is a lifetime's work, there is no end and that is what makes life so rich, how can one be bored? So, I never get bored, neither in my life nor in my work.

shiatsu therapist alice rigot_edited.jpg
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Price and booking

Cost of a Shiatsu session : 70€

duration 60mn .



*individual pack valid for two months

book by phone, whatsapp , instagram or email



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