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Seiki shiatsu seminar in Lisbon january 2024

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, January 19-20-21, 2024

Shambala Yoga Studio

R. Domingos Sequeira 50


What is Seiki Shiatsu?

Treating mental and physical symptoms by awakening the recipient's internal energy.

Sei means "Alive," Ki means "Energy."

When combined, Sei-ki expresses the original primordial life energy from which all creation arose.

In this sense, it is the energy of life in its purest form – the one that existed before the opposing forces of yin and yang emerged. As such, it is the source, the foundation of the universe.

Meanwhile, Internal Seiki is the same universal energy that exists within each individual life.

It harmoniously holds within itself the qualities of yin and yang, without antagonism and duality. It is the spark in the heart of every person.

The specificity of the Seiki Shiatsu method lies in the effectiveness of the stimulation method causing internal healing of the body.

Who can participate?

This seminar is intended for all people who wish to learn to care for others with the heart, also for those who want to learn to use their own Ki, vital energy, to do things without expending too much energy.

To know how to move, breathe, and do everything in life but from the Ki energy.

Learn to give shiatsu without getting tired, on the contrary, have more energy afterwards!

No prerequisites are required.

Tzvika Calistar has been teaching beginners and advanced students worldwide for over 20 years. Depending on the participants' level, the seminar will be divided into two or three different groups.

Program for beginners:

  • DO-In or meridian yoga

  • Aiki-exercises to develop the therapist's sensitivity to ki (energy)

  • Introduction to the Seiki method

  • The Orbital Meridian system

  • How to treat without spending your energy and feel fresh after many treatments

  • Specific treatment for symptoms of the lower back and knee

  • Specific treatment for various symptoms

Program for more advanced participants:

  • Full-body treatment, lateral kata position

  • Specific treatment for various symptoms

  • Yang meridians

Location and Schedule:

Yoga Studio Shambala R. Domingos Sequeira 50, 1250-119 Lisbon

  • Friday 19: 9 am - 6 pm

  • Saturday 20: 9 am - 6 pm

  • Sunday 21: 9 am - 3 pm

About Tzvika Calistar:

Tzvika Calistar, born in 1962 in Israel, studied Shiatsu in Japan, first at the Namikoshi school, then at Iokai Shiatsu, and later with Ryokoyu Endo, who taught Tao Shiatsu.

After spending two years in Tokyo doing treatments, he returned to Israel.

His experience in various shiatsu teachings, as well as his discoveries during treatments, led him to create his own approach, Seiki Shiatsu.

In Tel-Aviv, he began treating and later teaching at the request of one of his patients, eventually creating the international Seiki Shiatsu clinic.

He returned to Japan and opened a shiatsu school with Endo while teaching in various countries around the world.

Finally, in 2007, he returned to Israel with his family, where he now lives, treats, and teaches Seiki Shiatsu, continuing to travel the world to teach.

Learn more about Seiki and Tzvika Calistar:

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