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Your stomach is you

The stomach is the strongest organ in our bodies! It can withstand many aggressions. The body is so well designed... the stomach directly receives food from our mouth, it's on the front lines and therefore needs to be strong because we tend to put anything in our mouths! The stomach is linked to the spleen, both connected to the Earth element, the center – everything originates from and returns to the Earth. This is why the Chinese say: "as long as the Earth organs are healthy, all diseases can be cured." The stomach and spleen are the source of acquired Qi, meaning they produce the energy we need daily to live. If they don't produce enough, we must tap into the reserves of the kidneys, which are the source of innate Qi – our reserve of Qi that determines the pace of aging. The Earth organs are the source of life and immunity. It's therefore essential to nourish them correctly, both physically through the food we ingest, and also through our thoughts and emotions. Thought corresponds to the Earth organs, as does meditation, reflection, and, in cases of imbalance, anxiety, endless circling thoughts, the song we can't get rid of... Above all else, even though the foods we put into our stomach are crucial, how we eat plays a determining role. I propose a little experiment for this: On a day when you have the opportunity to eat alone, turn off your phone and try this: focus on what's happening in your mouth, visualizing that it's directly connected to your stomach. Starting from the stomach, meaning with the physical awareness that the stomach is there, at the other end of the digestive tube, and that it participates in your chewing – it's the one chewing, and it's you. Chew from the stomach. You'll then understand that your thoughts at that moment will also influence your stomach. Chew while being aware of your stomach, being in direct connection with it. Then you'll feel it smiling, you'll feel it full of love and joy, and your meal, far from being boring, will be a moment of joy and camaraderie spent with yourself. To realize that your stomach isn't far, it's just at the other end of your mouth, and you have a direct impact on it through your consciousness while eating and with your thoughts. The stomach and spleen are connected in Chinese medicine to thought. We don't just digest food, we digest our thoughts and emotions. Lighten your meals by avoiding emotional discussions, arguments, and business dinners... Through this little experiment, you can realize that the stomach isn't just a concept, it's right there within your reach, and you have a direct influence on it because it is you, and you are it! We can't just put anything into our mouths as if it has no consequences on ourselves, our bodies, but also our emotions. Bringing consciousness into your stomach is giving it love, it's also loving yourself. Then, you'll discover the pleasure not of eating anything, but of treating your stomach and yourself well! It's the flavors, the essence of flavors, that nourish our organs and thus our body. The flavor that nourishes the spleen and stomach is the sweet flavor. The sweet flavor represents the taste of balance in relation to the Earth element. The sweet taste nourishes, harmonizes, and hydrates the body. It provides Qi to the body, strengthening it by stimulating the production of fluids. Organic fluids help relax, especially in times of stress and strong emotions. So, is the confectionery industry to be celebrated??? Of course not, because the sugars that nourish the spleen and stomach are not the ones from the industry. On the contrary, it's the vast family of cereals, legumes, starches, and naturally cooked meats. Processed industrial foods don't even deserve the name of food. White flour and industrial sugar do more harm than good – they don't provide Qi to the body, they steal it! Be careful to understand that when we have a "sugar craving," it's the spleen and stomach directly expressing their deficiency. If you eat sugar every day, your body won't be able to draw enough Qi from the food, even if it's otherwise excellent. To nourish the Earth organs, eat pumpkin, carrots, whole grains (brown rice, millet...), beef cooked in sauce, eggs, apples, apricots, sweet potatoes, starches, and always green vegetables with fiber... everything that each season offers as fresh produce. Just buy seasonal vegetables and fruits to know what you need. With a foundation of cereals and starches. Avoid cold drinks, sodas, all processed foods, microwaves, reduced-fat products, grilled meats, yogurts, milk, tropical fruits, bread with cheese, jam, canned and frozen foods, supermarket butter, frequent cold meals... Above all, don't force yourself, keep the pleasure of eating! Of course, you can deviate; eat 80% well and 20% "bad," meaning if your base is healthy, you can allow yourself a chocolate cake, occasional indulgences in two meals a week! Eat with pleasure and without restraint; changing your dietary style happens gradually. If the Earth organs are nourished, you'll take pleasure in savoring this new style because, above all, pleasure is a characteristic of good nutrition! And if you reconnect with your stomach, you'll take great pleasure in nourishing it correctly, giving it what it needs, and this will bring you joy.


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