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On the meaning of life...

A patient told me yesterday that he was depressed since he knew he was going to die, we know that everything is going to disappear, the world, the sun, the universe, everything that men have done so far, so , why live? Why live? It frightens me and depresses me, I can't live a single day without the thought of death.

Yes, when we really ask ourselves the question of the meaning of our life, it makes you dizzy, but, unlike my patient, the fact that everything is ephemeral and that everything disappears does not frighten me, on the contrary, it reassure!

I say to myself: all this is ephemeral and everything we do will disappear, so why worry? Because nothing really matters, it's all a game, let's have fun since this life won't last, neither will this world! This life is a gift, you have to live it!

Life, life, life is not stupid, life is not empty and without reason.

We just have to observe nature, the human body for example, the human body is just incredible, everything is in its place, everything works perfectly to allow us to live in this world, to act, to feel, to taste, to see, to understand, the human body is simply fascinating when you think about it, each organ has its role, the hormones, the cells, it is an absolutely perfect organization, which we have not yet finished exploring and understand how complex it is for us, plants, a flower, wonderful, each flower is beautiful, even the simplest and which lasts a day, if we really observe it, it is fascinating, animals, their diversity, each in its place in the food chain, this extraordinary nature where everything has a reason for being, the trees which communicate through their roots, the mushrooms, the pollen of the flowers, everything is absolutely perfect, the balance is flawless, nature the whole human being being part of it is a work of a a beauty and a perfection that goes beyond understanding.

And this life that created all this, this life would be stupid, without any sense? How can we believe such things? I do not believe in God but it is impossible not to see this intelligence of life which is there, under our eyes at every moment and which creates this world every second!

A flower is ephemeral, a butterfly lives for a day, and yet they are perfectly magnificent, of a beauty without words, and of a complexity that we struggle to explain, complexity for ourselves, simplicity for this intelligence which is life.

So why? What is the meaning of all this?

Animals and plants are and fully play the role that life has given them, but we don't. Yet we have one thing that they do not have: consciousness and therefore the possibility of questioning things, of reflecting and creating; how can we question this life so perfect, so harmonious and so generous? how can anyone doubt that it has a meaning?

I think that we often pose the problem precisely in the wrong way, that we don't ask ourselves the right questions because we ask them from a certain point of view: ours, that of an individual human being, closed in his individual vision of life, it is impossible to understand the meaning of his life from this point of view, you just have to change your point of view, get out of your condition as a human being as we are learned, namely an individual human being in a society to create by himself. Adopting the point of view of life, it forces us to see ourselves as a part of

this life, and not as a unique individual separated from the rest.

And, paradoxically, we don't all have the same meaning in our lives, there is a global reason, the same for everyone, and an individual reason, different for everyone.

So everyone must find the meaning of his own life, and what? would you like to be told? would you like us to explain everything to you?

And then, it would be too easy, there would be no more games, nothing more to discover for oneself, we are the ones who make things too serious, the fact of knowing that all this is going to disappear should put us at ease. hi, helloooo!!!! it's a game, don't take yourself too seriously, open yourself up to the life that is just waiting for you to play!

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